Saturday, 9/24/2022 11 AM – 6 PM, Cooper City High School Auditorium, 9401 Stirling Rd., Cooper City, FL 33328

11AM – 2PM Outdoor Asian Culture Exhibits, 2PM – 4PM Talent Show In Auditorium

2022 Moon Festival Youth Talent Show

Let's Celebrate Together!








Join Us As We Hold Our Grandest Live Event Since The Beginning Of The Pandemic!

Thanks to all of the support from our local government, Broward County Culture Division, Cooper City High School, our dedicated talent show committee members, participants, families, sponsors, media, and all those who have invested interest in the Asian community, we are so excited to be able to announce this program!

We have been busy making preparations and arrangements so that our performers can fully take advantage of the state-of-the-art auditorium to showcase their talents.


Media Sponsors:

Phoenix North America Chinese Channel, NAEH Media Group

Special Thanks:

Broward County Culture Division, Miami Dade County Asian American Advisory Board, American Chinese United Association Florida Chapter

The Youth Talents

Participants are ages 7-25 and of Asian descendent, or anyone performing Asian influenced acts. Come and immerse yourself with their youthful energy and beautiful performances!

The Moon Festival is a prominent celebratory event in China. Similar to Tsukimi of Japan, Chuseok of Korea, Tết Trung Thu of Vietnam, and perhaps Halloween in America, we acknowledge a year of hard work with each harvesting season. Join our festivities by appreciating your connections with families and friends, enjoying the entertainment our performers have trained year round for, and practicing traditional customs to show our ancestors respect and passing these traditions to our younger generations.

We are busy selecting performers so the audience might be seeing talents like what’s in the following list.

Ballet Dancer

Cambodian Basket Dancers


Tai Chi Practitioner

Martial Artist

Taiko Drummer



Bali Dancer


Chinese Ethnic Dancer

Anime Cosplayer



Lion Dance Performer



Chinese Show Speaker

Traditional Thai Dancer


Abacus Specialist

Chinese Rope Jumper

Body Builder

Break Dancer


Chinese Drama Actors

Shuttlecock Trickster

What To Expect As A Performer



Interested performers / parents / representatives should submit their application before 8/31/2022.

There is no cost to apply. Performers should be of Asian descent or anyone performing Asian influenced acts, ages 7 – 25. Showcases for individuals should be around 3 minutes, and 6 minutes for groups.



Our selection committee will review all complete applications as they are received. We look for a good combination of talents and select the ones we think will fit best into our 2 hour event.

Notices will be sent to all applicants to confirm their selections within 1 week after the application deadline.


Put On Your Show

All accepted applicants will confirm their availability and make the best efforts to attend. The auditorium will be available a few hours before show start time for performers to get familiar with the settings.


Promoting Asian Culture & Youth Talents

Lots of families around the world have long been supporting their children to participate in extracurricular activities and the arts.

Through our show, we give recognition to those talents who commit to excellence in perfecting their skills, spark interest in those who want to pursue opportunities in performing arts, and showcase many traditions and customs that are often not seen in the United States.

Past Event Attendees

The members of GMABC are always professional and friendly. I’ve been to a number of smaller scale and local events organized by GMABC and feel very satisfied with the energy they put into, and the results of the events.

George Wright

This event will be spectacular. I attended talent shows all around south Florida schools and local organizations, GMABC sources talents from more than just their own region and therefore they can showcase more variety of performance.

Rena Sebastian

We’ve always been intrigued by some of the oriental musical shows. Having the opportunity to witness the ethnic dance was both eye-opening and comforting experience. We are glad these youngsters were able to get exposure to their home county’s traditions, and share with the Westerners.

Brent Yip

Space Is Limited, Get Yours Now


Participating performers do not need to purchase tickets